Utility Fleet Professional is the only trade publication laser-focused on the informational needs of decision-makers who purchase and manage fleet assets for investor-owned utilities, public utilities, cooperatives and utility contractors. If you’re looking to reach more than 5,000 fleet management and maintenance professionals in the utility sector -- readers who depend on products and services like yours to do their job -- UFP is your direct access.

Since its launch in 2011, UFP has been embraced by fleet professionals as the go-to informational resource for the latest fleet trends, best practices and strategies from peers and industry experts. Utility fleets face unique challenges, and they’re turning to UFP’s specialized content to help them meet those challenges and maximize their fleet’s productivity.

UFP’s publishing team brings together more than 60 years of combined experience in the utility and fleet management industries to produce the highest-quality product for our readers and advertisers.

Editorial content is led by Sean Lyden, who has covered the transportation and energy sectors as a journalist and editor for nearly two decades. Sean is well connected in the industry and passionate about providing UFP readers with the most relevant and actionable information on aerial equipment, vehicles, new technologies, green fleet trends, fleet management advice and any other content that can give utility fleet managers an edge in tackling their biggest challenges.

Carla Housh, UFP’s publisher, has worked in the utility publications market for more than 20 years, including her tenure as publisher for the former Utility & Telecom Fleets magazine. Along with UFP, Carla produces the popular and fast-growing Incident Prevention magazine, a highly respected publication serving the utility safety audience.

Kurt Moreland, associate publisher, has also benefited from a long career in niche utility publications. For several years, Kurt was a leading ad sales generator for Utility & Telecom Fleets magazine. And today, Kurt develops print and online media solutions that help UFP advertisers grow their sales in the utility sector.

In 2016, we will produce five issues of UFP, with each issue published in conjunction with key industry events, such as the NTEA Work Truck Show, NAFA, iP Utility Safety Conference & Expo, ACT Expo, Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference, SEMA show and APWA International Public Works Congress & Exposition.

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